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We want to keep you up to date with all the latest changes and innovations that Horizon can give you, so keep checking back for all our latest news.

04 January 2018

We have started the New Year as we mean to go on. Houseprice.AI had an article published in Property Eye. You can click the link to read on.

Property Industry Eye.com – The robot valuer agents-offered-articifical-intelligence-app-offering-instant-property-valuations/

01 january 2018

Happy New Year from Houseprice.AI

Wishing all our clients, friends and colleagues a very happy and prosperous New Year from Houseprice.AI. http://www.houseprice.ai

Posted by Houseprice.ai on Sunday, 31 December 2017


22 december 2017

Houseprice.AI – Insight

We have a powerful new tool fresh out of development; discover Insight on your menu. Now you can look at any borough and analyse and report on valuation trends. Compare your borough of interest to any adjacent boroughs. Filter by property type, rental or sales and price change or yield. We have added sales count and the trend  over the last 6 months, all at your fingertips.

We would also like to wish all of our clients a very happy Christmas. With best wishes from the team at Houseprice,AI.

12 October 2017
Horizon introduces the most advanced property valuation report on the market.

Here is what’s new.
We have been listening to all our users feedback and we are now excited to share a cleaner, improved, more usable and readable value report. It is reactive to mobile and tablets and it still has the beloved features like area analytics, custom branding, chat, social media integration, 360 photo support and viewers tracking.

Horizon is designed for property professionals, estate agents, surveyors, investors and developers, our new amazing customised reactive marketing reports are fast and precise and are used to get objective information for key decisions in property buying, capital appreciation, development value and rental returns.

Horizon covers the entire UK and can value any property using AI. Click the button to see an example Buyers report.

Horizon delivers:

Comparables Neighbourhood
Historical valuations Macro economics
Post to social media Share via E-mail
Live chat 360 camera views
Real time report tracking Reports branded with your Logo
Marketing Automation Integrate to your Website
29 september 2017

We have a new reactive valuation report out this week, generated through Horizon. It has been streamlined and redesigned to give your clients an easy to use, smart multi-functional report.

31 AUGUST 2017

Our Tech team have been working really hard behind the scenes to give you some wonderful new features.

If you can’t find the property listed. Pick “not found” and go to enter the details in the next window. Text now appears in the top right of your window which will give you the average size and number of rooms for properties in that postcode. This changes depending on the type of property and is a really useful feature!

Plus, if you make the valuation and you don’t think it looks right for your unlisted property, you can scroll down and check the easy to read bubble chart at the bottom of that window. It shows all the types of property in the area, so you can easily see if you accidentally entered the wrong floor size or number of rooms.

Tip: you don’t need to count the bathrooms!

These new features mean that you can get an accurate valuation even if the property has been in the same family for decades and there are no sales records.

Social Media Integration. We have made some great utilities for the interactive reports. When you generate the report and e-mail it to the buyer you can also click the Facebook and Twitter icons and upload it to your company pages.  We also now have chat integration which now allows you to see if the buyer has viewed the report, and you can chat live on Facebook or on your web page to find out what they thought and if they want to arrange a viewing. Your vendors will be impressed.

Pictures. If a photo of the property appears on line anywhere, Horizon will pick it up. Want to do more or add pictures later? From your valuations menu option on the dashboard select your property by clicking its address.

You have 3 tabs:

  • Reports Sent so you can check to whom you have sent them
  • Reports Viewed so you can see if they have been viewed and by whom
  • Property Photos where you can add. delete and re-order photos as you wish.

Contacts We have made it really easy for you to import your contacts into Horizon, and add to them. we have even given you a contact list template which you can download as a csv and merge your existing contact lists.

These are just the highlights! Delve into Horizon and explore. If you have any questions or suggestions we are always happy to chat.

31 june 2017

A lot has been happening with Horizon lately as we keep on evolving.
This includes:

  • Fully interactive and customized reports that are specifically designed to help you win vital new instructions, that you can send to as many clients as you wish, and as many times.
  • Integrated chat facility between you and all your clients via any interactive report that you send out to them.
  • 360 camera views are now available on all interactive Buyer reports.
  • Complete tracking of all market reports and appraisals to know exactly when and by whom they have been viewed for all your clients now available in real time.
  • Historical valuations for any date over the last 20 years for Probate and Tax reporting purposes.
  • Our AI based 3 Year Forecast valuation.
  • Increased and targeted marketing profile for your company and brand through our new Find A Recommended AI Agent, that will set you apart from your competition
13 March 2017

We have a brand new Horizon release this week

It includes:

  • Comparables shown by recorded sales or current listings
  • Now shows listing Agents & property details including date last traded
  • Report menu has easy to navigate tabs to allow full width graphics
  • improved neighbourhood information and infographics