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Transparency, Clarity, Consistency –¬† Houseprice.AI

At Houseprice.AI we are a dedicated and enthusiastic team who are committed to the development of new and innovative solutions for property valuations and have developed our app specifically for the residential property industries. We don’t just stop there, we listen to your requirements and suggestions and continuously work on research and development to provide you with cutting edge technologies and services.

Our App is designed to integrate with, and enhance, your existing business. As well as being the most advanced machine learning AI valuation tool available, it also offers totally interactive, user friendly reports. Our superior datasets and analytics will improve the decisions you make for your business. We back all this up with our friendly and approachable support team. You can literally ask us anything!


You can chat to us live through the chat box between UTC hours 9am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday.

Any out of hours questions are e-mailed to Support and we will answer you as soon as we are back on line.

Alternatively you can leave a question in the form below. We are always happy to help!